Tuesday, June 8, 2010

2 weeks to closing!

As of last week, I had air conditioning! I got news of the updates below on Monday from my new neighbor and also my dad, who makes regular trips by the house. It's nice to have an engineer in the family to check in on things! I wasn't able to go by until this morning... and I already got news that my appliances are in and the garage door has been painted!
My beautiful new front door!

My stainless steel appliances - stove, microwave, and dishwasher - yay!
Hello carpet! This means the end is in sight. My dad referred to it as "shag" but it's not what I'd call shag... its like the carpet I have in my current apartment... kind of twisted. I like it :) The design person also talked me into getting an upgraded "stain master" carpet pad... hope its worth it!
Yup... carpet in the dining room. Seeing why that stainmaster carpet pad could likely be a good investment. Maybe after we strike it rich, we'll upgrade to wood floors throughout the house!

My apartment is still very much not packed, regardless of the multitude of boxes donated to the worthy cause by my recent new homeowner friend Amanda. I am a major procrastinator when it comes to tasks that are a pain in the boo-tay. Aye!
Love, B


  1. If it makes you feel better, we didn't start packing until a week before the move... and we had a whole house worth of stuff to pack up! So it can be done!! The house looks great- can't wait to see it once it's all finished :)

  2. oooooo! aaahhhh!! it looks so pretty!

    If you want to test out that stainmaster carpet pad before your first big dinner party, my kids'll come over and help you out with that :).

    Can't wait to see it in person!