Wednesday, July 28, 2010

5 weeks and 1 day of being a homeowner

Phew! What a busy summer this has been! I'm officially in the last year of my twenties and the summer is more than halfway over... Not that summer coming to an end is nearly as much of a bad thing as it was when I was younger and didn't work year round. My summer is no different from my fall, winter, or spring except for having the privilege of enduring the excruciating heat and humidity. Not to mention all the rain - which at least has kept it from being as hot as it could have been. The discussion of the weather only furthers the point of my rapidly advancing age...

Today the realities of homeownership really set in. I mean, I started getting the point when I was bombarded with bugs and had to quickly enlist an exterminator and then realized the grass does not cut itself - nor does a lawn boy cut lawns for free. I was excited to get my very own lawnmower for my birthday and got to break it in last weekend. I must say that mowing my own lawn feels like much less of a chore than doing it at my parents'. (Not that that happened very often. My dad would swear to you I never did.) Nonetheless, I can't wait for Richard to be back to 100% and living here so it can be his job! Also, did you know that when you own a home, there is no one in the "office" to let the maintenance man in if there is an issue that needs attending to? So you have to be home... or find someone to fill in for you. I need a stay at home wife :)

My morning started with my dishwasher causing water to shoot all over my island (which shockingly was not free of clutter). I quickly opened it to stop the machine and the water stopped gushing. When I did my walk through the project manager warned me this could happen but made it sound like any water that backed up would shoot neatly into the sink - not all over my counter. I ran the disposal (thought I was so clever) and tried it again - to no avail. So I called the Perry project managers and they arranged for a plumber to come out - thank goodness for the warranty. It was a little bit more of an ordeal arranging for someone to let the plumber in, but it got taken of :) There was a kink in some hose so they replaced it. After work, I got home to my working dishwasher... and a stack of bills. GEEZ!! Did you know that utilities cost more to cover a house that's 3 times the size of my apartment? I expected it, sort of... but the reality doesn't set in until you open that envelope! Plus, there was a leak in my water line which I believe is the reason for my exorbitant water bill ($150 for just the water - not the deposit, sewer, or mud fees - it was $300 in all!). And my electric bill includes the apartment... can't wait to get rid of that sucker!

All that to say... I LOVE my new house! I love looking out at the water from the living room, kitchen, and master bedroom. I love my huge master closet. I love my beautiful kitchen. I love being able to just walk out my front door and go for a run (not that it's happened alot - but I foresee this in my future!) I love that neighbors I don't know wave at me when they drive by and I'm in the driveway.

I keep ticking off items on my wedding to-do list. My wedding dress is in and I go next Monday for my initial alteration appointment! I have officially accomplished the dress, finding a reception, reserving the church & minister, cake, choosing a florist - we have yet to iron out the specifics, choosing a dj, ordering save the dates (except I underestimated - don't be hurt if you don't get one!), choosing bridesmaid dresses. I won't talk about what I have left because I may start hyperventilating! Actually I'm fairly calm about it - maybe because I'm in denial and therefore procrastinating. Also, in case you're wondering - only 101 days to go! Not that I'm counting :)

I have done leg work on the peanut butter topic so get excited because it is coming soon!

Love, B