Sunday, May 2, 2010

I have shingles on the roof!

Kitchen 5/1/10

Breakfast on the back porch 5/1/10

Shingles 4/28/10

Our little casa has come a long way in the last 3 weeks when there was barely a frame, not even a concrete slab yet. I have walls, windows, a roof, bathtubs - it's crazy! Brick and stone is piled up in the front yard right now and the dry walls are piled inside the house so I see major things happening in the next week or so. The house that's being built across the street from us is about 10 days ahead of ours and is looking very much like a liveable dwelling! The stone and brick are done and look beautiful and the walls are up, along with cabinets in progress. (Yes, we have been walking around in the other homes that are being built. Promise not to do it once there are locks on the doors!) My dad called me Thursday evening - he was over at the house and chatting with our soon to be neighbors. The husband is an Aggie, so I think Dad is going to let me go ahead with the move!

We're hoping to be able to close at the end of June. God has been good in keeping the rain away during the critical early building stages so hopefully the rest will continue to go as scheduled. We'll keep ya posted on the progress!

Love, B

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