Thursday, March 25, 2010

My step aerobics comeback

I FINALLY made it to step aerobics this Monday night after being out since July because of marathon training and then a little laziness/recovery post-marathon. I have been doing step aerobics fairly frequently for the last 10 years... it all started out as a kinesiology class at TAMU - I totally fell in love with the "sport" ;)

If you've never done it, you probably picture people in multi-colored leotards and leg warmers, grapevining across a hardwood floor according to the instruction of a bubbly, blonde teacher. Well, there are some bubbly big-boobed teachers, but my favorite instructor is a guy in his late twenties that teaches at a club in Sugarland who generally completely lacks energy but makes the class so much fun because of the challenging choreography. And generally, people are just wearing regular work out clothes. There is an interesting assortment of people in this class, a large percentage asian, and average age maybe 35-40, which seems less and less old all the time. All shapes and sizes, men and women, some who have been regulars in this class for years. There are certain spots in the class you just don't take for fear of those regulars who are creatures of habit and can't stand to be uprooted from their usual territory. There is a certain clique of women with fake boobs. Its interesting to say the least. I have made several friendly acquaintances and one sweet friend, Arpita, who gives me extra motivation to show up when I don't feel like it! It is quite the community - people notice when you've been gone, if you cut your hair, when you lose those pounds. I generally keep to myself, in a friendly sort of way I hope, but love the people watching :)

The video is actually of my class, and if it looks easy or slow-paced, it is deceiving. I love step not only for the cardiovascular benefits, but also for the mental challenge - it is impossible to dwell on anything that's bothering me during class because I am too focused trying to learn the combos that day.

Any-hoo, since I hadn't been to step in so many months, I expected to be a little sore - so I wasn't surprised Tuesday morning when my calves were tight. It felt good, like I'd done something! I'm tough, though, so I didn't back down from wearing my high heels and traipsing about town for work all day. After work I took advantage of the beautiful day and my motivation still elevated from going to class the night before and went for a run at Memorial Park. When I woke up Wednesday morning, however, it was a totally different story! I could barely get out of bed. I contemplated crawling to the bathroom but it sounded too hard to get up and down. I seriously considered calling in, but I knew I had things that needed to get done so I decided to suck it up but wear some flat-ish (ugly) shoes to give my calves a little bit of relief. All day long, every time I stood up my legs almost gave out on me. After a few bow-legged steps I looked a little more normal, but still felt every time my muscles worked. My calves were tender even to the lightest touch. I was honestly more sore yesterday than after the marathon. Richard got a good laugh, because I enjoyed his misery/limping post-marathon a bit too much. My legs are slightly better today, but I promise I can feel my muscles TWITCHING at rest! It's crazy. I haven't been as active as usual, but certainly not a couch potato! It's amazing what muscles different activities really rely on.

Step aerobics, you will not get the best of me! I only let a sprained ankle keep me out for one week, so look out, I'll be back!

Love, B

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