Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Domestic Divas

There is a long-standing tradition among my 2 college roommates and myself - we celebrate each of our birthdays, just the 3 of us. These girls are very special friends to me - God bless them, Amanda endured me for 4 years and Janet for 3! I have known Janet since 6th grade, when we had every single class together, but wasn't lucky enough to know her well until college. Amanda goes back to at least 4th grade (probably longer) when we were potty partners in Girl Scouts together. Lucky for me, both of these chicas ended up going to the best university in the world, Texas A&M - WHOOP! Those 2 went on to roommate together in San Antonio until Amanda married - I was never willing to risk having another roommate!
Both Amanda and Janet are now married, and Amanda even has a 15 month old little boy. Janet lives in San Antonio and Amanda and I both live in the Houston area so it is an extra challenge these days to get together. We rarely actually celebrate in the month of our birthdays, but we always do it eventually! We have had lots of yummy dinners, lunches, brunches, fun winery tours, we saw a musical at the Wortham center, lots of pedicures, stayed at a B&B in Galveston... For Janet's birthday this year, she wanted to cook all day (and drink wine)! She got a Julia Child cook book for her birthday in early February so she had a little bit of practice. Julia Child-cooking is a lot different than the "cooking" we usually did in college - tacos, spaghetti, easy mac, cereal, sandwiches...

So, the names of the dishes were all in French, but the American description of these yummy (well some were better than others!) from top to bottom above are: fish with vegetables on top, breaded chicken, buttered spinach, and artichokes with lemon/butter/wine sauce. There was a lot of butter and wine in Julia's dishes! Mason's (Amanda's husband and Janet's BIL) birthday was the weekend before so we allowed him and the wonderful E family to partake of our fabulous cooking. It was a fun night!
P.S. Blogger is a pain to post pictures in. I haven't been able to move them around. Tips?


  1. What a fun idea! Cute pic of you 3!

  2. What a sweet post! Can't wait for the next roomie birthday celebration!